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Since its creation, PACHE has adopted a structure based on voluntary work which allows the Board of directors to ensure that the association is soundly managed in the best interests of its members.


PACHE is a membership-led organization. Membership is obtained upon making a financial contribution in the form of a donation, sponsorship, or by supporting and/or participating in one of the social activities, all in accord with the regulations of the Corporation.

Members accept the Organization's mission and objectives and are prepared to participate in or to support its activities. Members seeking to deepen their involvement in the Organization are invited to become volunteers or to join the Board of directors.

General assembly

The General Assembly comprises all active members who make up PACHE Corporation, acting in an individual and volunteer capacity. The assembly meets once a year to decide on the direction of PACHE's main programs, elect the Board of Directors and set the mandate. The aim of the Assembly is to strengthen PACHE's accountability by facilitating discussion and an exchange of views on issues of strategic or corporate importance among stakeholders.


Board of directors

The Board of Directors, composed of up to twelve members, constitutes PACHE's governing body and meets approximately six times a year. The members of the Board direct the Corporation towards reaching its objectives, oversee business affairs, enter into and negotiate all contracts in which the Corporation can legally partake and, in general, exercise, individually and as a whole, the rights and authority held by the Corporation itself. A number of committees support the Board of Directors in managing the corporation.

Mona Dimitri - President
Hany Naguib - Vice-president
Mariam Ishak - Treasurer
Aïda Naguib- Secretary

Ashraf Armanios, Leslie Azer, Chérif Loutfi, and Sarwat Tobia


Be it the members of the Board of directors or the other members, they are all volunteers devoted to PACHE.  They lead the fundraising. They brainstorm innovative endeavors. They request financial aid from our donor agencies. They allocate funds to their partner AUEED. And finally they maintain an efficient and accountable management system.