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Values and Principles

PACHE's actions are guided by solidarity, partnership and transparency values.



PACHE seeks to work with its partner AUEED in targeting the most vulnerable groups - especially children and women. All our activities are based on the following values:


PACHE looks for and retains equilibrium between self respect, respect of others and respect of the environment.


By developing a sense of personal and collective responsibility and through cooperative action toward sustainable and democratic development, PACHE builds solidarity with AUEED's most disadvantaged peoples.


AUEED competencies and its ability to propose solutions geared towards the needs of local communities constitute the foundation of a strong partnership with PACHE.


PACHE maintains transparency in its management and decision-making processes and openness in its relationships with donors and partners. Our organization adheres to recognized standards in being responsible for our actions and has adopted a Donor Bill of Rights.


In carrying out our activities, all members adhere to the principles of impartiality, non-discrimination and professionalism.