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In collaboration with AUEED (Association of UpperEgypt for Education and Develpment), our programs and the projects we support are primarily focused on education. They aim at:


Formal educationlves4-redn and Eradication of Illiteracy


AUEED owns and manages 35 elementary and 3 preparatory schools currently with an enrollment of more than 12,500 boys and girls.  Scholarships allow students from modest families, most of which living in poverty, to access this reputable high quality level education. AUEED recently extended education to cover the preparatory stage in a number of schools. With an adult literacy rate of 56,5%, illiteracy is a major problem in Upper Egypt. A literacy program for adults (above 15 years of age) provides the basic skills of reading, writing, arithmetic, and general knowledge based on on Paulo Freire pedagogical philosophy whereby education leads to freedom.


School Health and Nutrition Program


We believe a child’s health status contributes directly to his concentration and comprehension capacities, and to his ability to participate actively at different activities that require physical, mental and social efforts. Therefore, AUEED implements a School Health Program (SHP) in its formal schools and some of its parallel schools. The program includes applying a complete medical check-up and a complete blood picture analysis for all students at the beginning of the school year, treating the cases of anemia, eye and skin diseases and transferring the rest of the cases to health units, and health insurance clinics. The program also offers balanced meals to students suffering from malnutrition and organizes awareness sessions for the teachers, students and parents.

Improving children health and sanitary practices in schools as well as adressing the issue of malnutritrion are among the fundamental objectives of AUEED.



Vocational Training

Training is the principal pathway in preparing women and young men to join the labor force. PACHE supports AUEED vocational training activities targeting the beneficiaries of its educational Programs, as a holistic development approach.