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PACHE collects donations from individuals, private and public organizations through annual fundraising campaigns.

Thanks to your donations, we can contribute towards financing the different projects presented to us, from time to time, by our local partner, AUEED.

Learn more about our financing campaigns and the different  ways of making a personal donation or a corporate donation.

Throughout the year, we send to our members our electronic newsletter Eux & Nous or various correspondence about PACHE and its achievements. We hope that as you come to know more about PACHE, you will consider subscribing to the organization’s humanitarian values and you will agree to support it financially by making a donation or by joining our volunteers' team to help us in the organization of our fundraising campaigns.

Please do not hesitate to communicate with us by email or by calling us at 514-784-0136 to participate in the organization of our fundraising campaigns or if you have any comments or questions concerning these campaigns.