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Tax deductions

Donations you make to Canadian registered charities may help reduce your income tax. Our governments grant important fiscal advantages in the form of non refundable tax credits. 

At the Federal level, the tax credits for a donation are :

  • 15% of the donation amount for the first $200 or less
  • 29% of the amount over $200.

You may also be eligible for a provincial tax credit. The amount of the provincial tax credit available varies between provinces. For Quebec residents, the tax credits become:

  • 20% of the donation amount for the first $200 or less
  • 24% of the amount over $200.

Generally, you can claim all or part of your donations up to a limit of 75% of your net income in a given year. You can carry forward the excess over 75% or any donations you do not claim in the current year and claim them on your return for any of the next five years.                   

Note: As income tax credits are subject to change, they are shown for illustration purposes only.