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From the humble beginnings of the association in 1969, PACHE has become an important partner and international donor of AUEED.


  • 1969 - There is a beginning to every good thing...PACHE history began in march 1969, following a meeting between Amin Fahim, Antoine Jammal, Henri Eid and Georges Habashi, that decided to found « Les amis des écoles chrétiennes d'Egypte », the Canadian partner of the association of Upper Egypt for education and development. At that time, 30,000 Egyptians, of which a significant number knew about Father H. Ayrout work in Egypt, were living in Montreal.
  • 1982 - Publication of the first newsletter « eux et nous » brought to witness among other things, on the manner in which a movement issued from a local Christian community in a Muslim country worked to empower local communities through dialog, love and respect of all faiths.
  • 1984 - The organization adopts the name of "Les partenaires de l'Association chrétienne de la Haute Egypte pour les écoles et la promotion sociale".
  • 1996 - The organization changes its name to « Les partenaires de l'association de la Haute Egypte pour l'Éducation et le développement (PACHE). Since then, PACHE is a registered charity, secular and non-partisan organization.
  • 2019 - With more than 1000 members, PACHE celebrates 50 years of involvement and support with its partner AUEED.