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Frequently Asked Questions


 Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you would like more information, please contact us by email or by telephone at (514) 421-6386.


Questions :


Q : How many times will I be solicited by PACHE in a one year period ?

R : Unless PACHE launches a new initiative, an individual who is currently on our donors' list, will receive our bi-annual news bulletin "Eux & Nous" which contains a donation form. If the individual does not respond, PACHE sends a fundraising letter in the fall. You can also make a donation online.


Q : When will I receive an income tax receipt ?

A : We do everything necessary so that you receive your income tax receipt on or about February 15 each year. Rest assured, if you make a donation before December 31, you will receive a receipt for that year. If you are among the donors who make monthly or quarterly donations by cheque, you will receive a single income tax receipt for the total annual amount of your donations, prior to February 15 each year.

Q : Are all donations tax deductible ?

A :  The Association's policy is to issue an income tax receipt systematically for donations of $20 or more. A receipt will be issued on request for donations under $20.

Q : Expenses represent what percentage of the Association's income

A :  As stated in our mission, our goal is to turn as much money as possible over to AUEED. To do so, we must devote effort and financial resources to reach the donors, solicit donations and thank them for their generous support. We must also manage the amounts that are entrusted to us. Consequently, our expenses represent 8 percent of our income.

Q : Where can I find financial information on PACHE?

A : PACHE audited financial statements are available on our Web site by clicking on Publications.

Q : Can I trust people going door to door in the name of PACHE and make a donation to them ?

A : No. PACHE  uses neither door to door solicitation nor telemarketing to raise funds. Nobody is authorized to use such solicitation methods in our name.

Q : How can I receive your publications?

A :   You can subscribe to our newsletter by subscribing on the home page or download our publications from our Web site by clicking on Publications. If you prefer to receive a print copy of our publications, please make a request by email or by telephone at (514) 421-6386.

Q : How can I get on the mailing list for your publications or direct mailings?

A :  Once you become a member, by making a donation, you will automatically be on our mailing list.

Q : What is the registration number for PACHE?

A :     Our federal charity registration number is 11908 6270 RR0001.