In 2022, Tuition fees amounted to C$400 per year, about C$35 per month. Hence, by making monthly contributions of only C$35, you can assure the education of one of AUEED’s children. PACHE’s sponsorship program ensures that your contributions will be made securely in Canada, and qualify for tax credit. You will have the opportunity to communicate with the sponsored child in Egypt and to follow his/her educational and personal journey.

For more than 80 years, the Associaltion of Upper-Egypt for Education and Development (AUEED) has helped the most disadvantaged rural communities of Upper Egypt to better support themselves by offering education and development programs. The 35 AUEED schools welcome 12,500 students per year from kindergarten onwards. Not only does AUEED fill a significant gap in the number of public schools, it also provides quality education, disseminates values of peace, tolerance and solidarity, and promotes, through arts, culture and various activities, the education of generations of children.

Many children do not have the means to cover the costs of their education. AUEED offers them the opportunity to receive education thanks to the commitment of its donors around the world such as us. In the face of growing challenges, we created a sponsorship program for education. Sponsorship is the most effective way of ensuring an education for the underprivileged children, offering them a long-term solution and a support with dignity. The purpose of the sponsorship program is to cover students’ tuition fees for all their schooling years.

How Sponsorship Works

Information on your Financial Contributions

  1. Your monthly instalments of C$35 (or more) will help cover the schooling fees of one sponsored student.
  2. Payments are made to PACHE which will forward them to AUEED. PACHE uses CanadaHelps as a specialized online fundraising platform in Canada which ensures a secure transaction and provides the required receipt for the tax credit.
  3. The sponsorship will last as long as the child is a student at the AUEED school. If the child leaves the AUEED school for any reason, you will be informed.

Communication with your Sponsored Child

  • Twice a year, the sponsor receives, via AUEED, messages from the sponsored child. A French translation will accompany the original Arabic message from the children. Similarly, the sponsors will be able to send the letters in French or English and these will be translated to the children.
  • If the sponsor wishes to visit the child, the meeting will be organized by AUEED and will take place at the school, in Egypt. The visitor is required to inform AUEED two months in advance, to ensure the organization of that visit.
  • In accordance with international sponsorship practices, the rules for the protection of children and the confidentiality of individuals, all exchanges between the child and the sponsor will be carried out through AUEED.

Success Stories

From a Student to an AUEED School Teacher

I am Sylvia, a graduate of the faculty of Education in 2020. I was a student of the AUEED schools in my village. These schools played a key role in shaping my character and there I spent the best years of my life. I cannot forget the kindness of my sponsor, Maryse, who encouraged me to be a responsible person. I still remember her words about the importance of being the elder sister and the role model for my younger brothers. This motivated me to study well, and to achieve my dream of becoming an educator. When the opportunity presented itself and the AUEED school announced its need for teachers, I immediately applied. I passed the required exams and, to my delight, got the job. I wish to give back in return for all I received over the years. I also want my sponsor to know that I have indeed become a good role model to my brothers, of whom the eldest is an engineering student.

Graduate of AUEED Schools and Leading Health Awareness Sessions

I’m David, and I am in the final year of Medical School. I am a graduate of AUEED schools where I spent the best 10 years of my life. In these schools, I found a second family, excellent teachers who provided us with a solid foundation in all subjects, and who helped me to be able to attend a university. I was also blessed to have participated in school activities which forged my character and developed my values around the rights of children. Today, in my village, I organize health awareness sessions for children and parents of AUEED schools. I proudly introduce myself as an alumnus of this school and I apply myself wholeheartedly in my service. I cannot forget my sponsor Michelle who gave me support and encouragement. Also, I would like to thank all the sponsors for their support towards underprivileged children. They contribute to the success of these children.

Yes, I want to sponsor a child of the AUEED, what should I do?

To apply for sponsorship, please proceed through the following two simple steps:
  1. fill out the form below,
  2. set up your monthly payments of C$35 for each child you wish to sponsor via the secure online payment platform CanadaHelps. To do so, click this link to access CanadaHelps page for PACHE’s sponsorship program.
Other payment methods could be offered on your demand. You will need to have your credit card or debit card to complete the second step. Within two weeks of submitting your request, you will receive a child’s profile, including important details about his/her life and school performance. Our colleagues in the Egypt office will also contact you to ensure communication with him/her. For more information or support, please contact us at
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